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Meet Our Founder

Ink N Easel founder Lee Tragni graduated Sheridan College Illustration Interpretive Diploma Program Fall 2002 with a focus on children's books.  After graduating from Sheridan she got a job in Advertising and climbed the corporate ladder and stayed for 9 years.  Lee found she was missing what she initially went to school for and never gave the arts a full chance.  Lee then started teaching private lessons to youth and adults for 10 years, as well as taught students at Catholic Children's Aid, and the Toronto District School Board.   Lee then confirmed her true calling was teaching art to youth and adults. 


Lee Tragni believes being an art teacher is more then just teaching art!   It is recognizing each students strengths and weakness and guiding them in the right direction to succeed.   If it's helping a student who lacks in self confidence and helping them recognize "THEY CAN DO IT" and they "DID DO IT".

Lee Tragni founded Ink N Easel Fall 2019



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